D’Addario Nickel Bronze

D’Addario Nickel Bronze are premium uncoated acoustic guitar strings designed to get the best performance from your guitar. Featuring an innovative combination of nickel-plated phosphor bronze wrapped onto a high carbon NY steel core, these strings bring out the unique tonal characteristics of any guitar, allowing its natural voice to truly shine. Nickel Bronze delivers unrivaled clarity, resonance and projection, as well as outstanding balance and harmonically rich overtones. Players will also enjoy improved tuning stability and higher break resistance, thanks to D’Addario-engineered NY Steel cores and plain steel strings.

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Acoustic Properties

D'Addario Nickel Bronze Difference

Compared to standard phosphor bronze strings, Nickel Bronze delivers enhanced mids and highs for greater clarity, presence, and harmonically rich overtones, without compromising low end warmth.

Tuning Stability

D'Addario Nickel Bronze stays in tune better than traditional strings due D'Addario's proprietary NY Steel high-carbon alloy

NY Steel is a proprietary high-carbon steel alloy developed by D’Addario specifically for use as wire in music instrument strings. Engineered to have greater pitch stability, NY Steel cores and plain steel strings allow players to spend less time tuning and more time making music.

Yamaha SB7X “Silent Brass” Pickup Mute & Headphone Interface

Yamaha SB7X Pickup Mute and Personal Studio Headphone SystemPlay whenever you want with Yamaha’s “Silent Brass” pickup mute and headphone system for trumpet. The SB7X consists of a free blowing Pickup Mute and Personal Studio headphone unit. Used together, these two deliver the natural acoustic tone you hear when playing without a mute, making it feel as though you are playing mute free. We have one in stock at Music 6000 — come into the shop, or call us at 360-786-6000 if you’re interested!

EarthQuaker Avalanche Run

The Avalanche Run was developed with one goal in mind: to take the floating ambient tones of our Dispatch Master to the next level while still keeping it user friendly and refined. Taking you into the aural exploratorium without having to break open the user manual every time you want to open up your inner eye and get free is no easy task. We are using a high powered proprietary DSP platform to recreate all the characteristics of all our old favorite delay and reverb machines while still retaining a simple, yet flexible workspace. It has been a long time coming but well worth the wait! Enough nonsense, let’s talk about the pedal!

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Gretsch G5422TG Hollow Body

No nonsense, Electromatic hollow body guitars are the perfect real, pure and powerful Gretsch instruments. They’re your next-step Gretsch—bold, dynamic and articulate, and crafted with essential Gretsch sound, style and playability.

Profoundly stylish, the Gretsch G5422TG offers full hollow-body build and true Filter’Tron voice in the opulent Gretsch white-and-gold aesthetic. Like all Electromatic guitars, it delivers the fearless and electrifying authenticity that has set Gretsch apart as the quintessential rock ‘n’ roll guitars from the very beginning. It’s the sound of honor itself—play proud.

Features include:

  • Dual “Black Top” Filter’tron humbucking pickups
  • Gold hardware
  • Versatile upgraded controls including master volume treble-bleed circuit
  • Oversized bound F holes and aged multi-ply body binding
  • Smaller late-’50s G6120 bound headstock
  • Graph Tech NuBone nut
  • Pearloid “Hump-Block” fingerboard inlays
  • Gold Bigsby B60 vibrato tailpiece

Schecter Guitars

New Schecter models in stock at the shop! Fantastic guitars — come in and check them out!

Schecter Banshee Elite-6

Schecter Banshee Elite-6 (Gloss Natural)

This guitar feels right as soon as you pick it up. The Banshee Elite-6 is a beautiful maple/walnut neck-through guitar with a natural flame maple top and a body shaped for great access and easy playing. The satin finish on the neck is smooth and comfortable, very satisfying playing experience.

The Schecter USA Super Charger Mach-6 pickups are pleasantly bright and lively, and sound good plugged into any amplifier. The 5-way switch offers lots of fun tone options, and rolling back the volume and tone knobs uncovers further tone options. Top-notch instrument!

Schecter Hellraiser Hybrid PT

Hellraiser Hybrid PT (Ultra Violet)

Another sweetheart of a guitar, this Hellraiser Hybrid PT is “Ultra Violet” — one of the coolest iridescent finishes we’ve ever seen. Constantly dancing between purple, green, and blue with dazzling metallic flakes, you’re gonna get lost in this guitar fast 😉

Another neck-through model with a satin finish neck, this guitar uniquely features carbon-fiber binding. Classy.

The EMG 57/66 active pickups are ultra-clean meets PAF — tons of clarity, lots of mid-range character, nice and dynamic with space. Volume roll-off is extremely pleasing to do and is definitely something to check it on this model. Someone buy it before Smitty does!

Schecter Solo II Custom

Schecter Solo II Custom

A super-charged Les Paul with top-end hardware and components — Schecter’s Solo II Custom is the right guitar for you. Mahogany body with Flamed Maple top, ebony fretboard, TonePros bridge & tailpiece, locking Schecter tuners, compensated Ernie Ball nut, Schecter USA Pasadena pickups, 2-way truss — this guitar is above-and-beyond!

Schecter Solo II Special

Schecter Solo II Special

The Solo II Special is reminiscent of a LP Special, with tons of vintage vibe and warmth. The flat-top mahogany body has a relief for your right-arm that is noticeably comfortable and pleasant feeling. The Schecter USA V-90 pickups have the growl and presence you’d expect from a vintage soapbar and effectively express this guitar’s attitude. TonePros wraparound bridge, Grover tuners, rosewood fretboard — awesome guitar!

Schecter TS/H-1 Classic

Schecter TS/H-1 Classic

A bizarrely refreshing semi-hollow with inspirations from Rickenbacker and Danelectro, this Schecter TS/H-1 has crystal clear lipstick humbuckers with a split switch, and wow! Plugging it in is a joy — try playing behind the bridge for some awesome oddball sounds 😉 Very playable, super versatile — come in and check it out!

Schecter Keith Merrow KM-6 MK-II

Schecter Keith Merrow KM-6 MK-II

Extremely beautiful guitar with Swamp Ash body, Maple/Wenge through-neck with carbon-fiber reinforcement rods, ebony freboard, Seymour Duncan Nazgul/Sentient pair with split-coil, Ernie Ball compensated nut, and locking tuners — this is a unique guitar with awesome performance.

Schecter Ultra-III

Schecter Ultra-III

Wowzers! The Ultra-III is a peculiarly pleasing Gibson-meets-Gretsch matchup — crazy fun guitar to play! Well-equipped with a Bigsby, Roller Tune-o-Matic bridge, retro-style Duncan Designed FG pickups, Grover tuners, and a fun nod to Fender with the switch per pickup split setup. Awesome guitar!

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