Everett and Ben

Snare Play Every Day

We now tune snares every day — all day. We want your drums sounding their best and yours truly, Everett James the Tune-Up Master, with second-in-command Ben Hawkes, will get you the sound you are looking for.


Gallien-Krueger 700RB Amp with 410MBE Cab

Gallien-Krueger has been making superb solid-state amplifiers since the 70′s. The GK 700RB-II is a well-designed bass amp with very versatile controls. With just the twist of a knob, it can do tight finger style, loose growl, scooped reggae, bright slap — anything you want. Pair the 700RB with the 410MBE cabinet and you have a great sounding, gig-ready setup. Come on in and give this head and cabinet a try.

GK 700RB-II Amp with 410MBE Cab

PreSonus Audio Recording Systems

PreSonus Audio Recording Systems

Ready to record? We stock the PreSonus AudioBox series — high quality and affordable audio recording interfaces. Compatible with Mac or PC and ready for popular recording applications like Garageband and ProTools.

We stock the following PreSonus AudioBox products:

  • AudioBox USB
  • AudioBox 22VSL
  • AudioBox 44VSL
  • AudioBox 1818VSL
  • AudioBox Studio Kit
    • AudioBox USB interface (w/ USB cable)
    • Studio One recording software
    • HD7 Studio Monitoring Headphones
    • M7 Studio Condensor Microphone (w/ XLR cable)
Line 6 Amplifi

Line 6 Amplifi BlueTooth Guitar Amp

New this year from NAMM is the Amplifi by Line 6. The Amplifi is a hybrid amplifier, designed to model your guitar and play music wirelessly from your iPhone seamlessly.

Amplifi SpeakerAmplifi has a 5 speaker system: one central main speaker and two hybrid speakers on either side. There are two models available: the 75 and the 150. The 75 model is 75 watts with an 8″ main guitar speaker, and the 150 model is 150 watts with a 12″ main.

Come in today and give the Amplifi series a try!

DW 9002 Double-Kick

In stock! Drum Workshop’s 9002 double bass kick pedal. Top-of-the-line hardware and performance — made in the USA.

We carry a wide selection of the industry’s best kick pedals, including DW 5000 and 9000 series, Tama Iron Cobra and Speed Cobra, Pearl, Pacific Concept, Gibraltar, and Yamaha. Come in today to kick some pedals and see what works for you!