D’Addario NYXL Strings

Play Fearlessly

A brand new line of strings from D’Addario, NYXL’s bend farther, sing louder, and stay in tune better than strings you’ve played before.

String Facts

The engineering behind D’Addario’s new NYXL strings yields some some pretty neat properties — a few of our guitar players have tried them out on their guitars and definitely noticed a difference.

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Zildjian Cymbal Packs

One of the best ways to get your cymbal on is Zildjian Cymbal Packs from Music 6000! These packs are great deals, and the cymbals in each pack sound great together.

Zildjian ZBT Cymbal Packs

Zildjian ZBT

ZBT Cymbal Packs are a great value and sound fantastic!

The ZBT 4-Cymbal Pack comes with 13″ ZBT Hi Hats, 18″ ZBT Crash Ride, and a 14″ ZBT Crash.

The ZBT 5-Cymbal Packs come with 14″ ZBT Hi Hats, 16″ ZBT Crash, 20″ ZBT Ride, and then a choice for your 5th cymabal — either a 14″ ZBT Crash, or a super cool 10″ FX Trashformer cymbal that’s just too much fun!

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2015 Gibson Guitars: The Legend Continues

Boy howdy! We have the new 2015 Gibsons in stock! We have tons of these great guitars in stock at the shop ready for you to plug in and play. The 2015 Gibsons are very comfortable playing guitars — nice sustain, responsive feel, and a very well-built feel to them.

Gibson’s done a lot of new things for these 2015 models — let’s take a look and do some learnin’!

Zero-Fret Adjustable Nut

Zero-Fret NutThis innovative nut design increases sustain, promotes accurate intonation, and improves action by offering a wide, range of nut adjustments. Slide guitarists can raise and lower action easily.

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PreSonus Eris Studio Monitors

If you’re looking for superb studio monitors for a super price, check out the PreSonus Eris series. These are some great studio monitors — Kevlar main drivers, silk dome tweeters, and intelligent controls to tailor the monitors for your studio. Come in and check them out!

PreSonus Eris Back

PDP Concept Series

The PDP Concept Series, available in both maple and birch!

These are some solid shells — expect exceptional tone, “woah”-inspiring depth, and (of course) lots of  oomph!

Call us, come in with any questions.

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