Black Friday Ad

Black Friday!

Everyone ready for some savings? We have a lot of great deals ready for you this weekend — check ‘em out!

Friday! Get here early for Black Friday — we’re opening up the shop early at 9 am — you’ll save 10% on guitar packs, new cymbals, effects pedals, ukuleles, books & DVDs. There’s Friday-Only deals in every department! In addition, there is no sales tax all weekend!

Black Friday Deal Grid

We have Fender’s FA-100 Acoustic Guitar with Gig Bag for only $99! We have Snark Clip On Tuners for just $14.88! String Swing Guitar Wall Hangers for our lowest price ever — simply $8.98! A big bag of Drum Sticks — an entire dozen! — for the low low price of $14.97! Strukture Guitar Stands for $7.99! Colorful Music Stands for a thrifty $9.98!

What else? Here’s some more!

  • Dunlop Crybaby Wah Pedal (5 available) — $59.95
  • Sabina AAX 16” Bright Crash (only 4 available!) — $99.99
  • Crush Alpha 5-Piece Drumset — $349.99
  • PDP Boom Cymbal Stand (CB800) — $39.98
  • PDP Double Kick Drum Pedal (only 4 available!) — $89.99
  • D’Addario EJ16 Acoustic Guitar Strings (limit 3 per) — $4.99
  • Heavy Duty Single X Keyboard Stand — $29.99
  • Gibson J35 Acoustic Guitar (only 2 available!) — $1099.99

Oh, and did I mention… NO SALES TAX ALL WEEKEND! (November 28 – 30).

No Tax Ad 2

And that’s just the beginning — we have way more deals here just waiting for you — the only way to discover them is to come in, see for yourself, and save!

Electric Bass Packs!

Some super cool Electric Bass packs just came in the shop — a great way to get started with everything you need! Check them out!

$279 — Ibanez Jumpstart Bass Pack

Ibanez knows what’s up when it comes to basses. Ibanez’s Jumpstart Bass pack has everything you need to get jamming and having fun! Includes an SR-style Electric Bass, 10 watt Bass Amp, Electronic tTuner, Gig Bag, Strap, Cable, and more!

Ibanez Jumostart Bass Pack

$299 — Squier Jazz Bass Pack

The Jazz Bass is one of the first electric bass designs and is still heralded for its great design. This pack includes a Squier Affinity Series Jazz Bass, Fender Rumble 15 Amplifier, Electronic Tuner, Instructional DVD, Headphones, Gig Bag, Cable, and Strap!

Squier Jazz Bass Pack

Electric Guitar Packs!

Hankering to get into electric guitar? We have some great electric packs that make it super easy to get started!

$199 — Squier Strat Pack

Start playing guitar with a Strat! This packs includes a Squier Strat, Fender Frontman 10 watt amplifier, Electronic Tuner,  Instructional DVD, Gig Bag, Cable, Strap, and Picks — everything you need to get rockin’ on electric guitar!

Squier Strat Pack

$249 — Ibanez RG Jumpstart Pack

Ibanez has been the leading name in modern guitar design since… like ever!, and this pack is another great way to enter the world of guitar. This pack comes with an RG-style electric guitar equipped with two humbucking pickups, a 10 watt Amp, Electronic Tuner, Gig Bag, Strap, and More! The only thing left in the equation is your love of music and your willingness to learn.

Ibanez Jumpstart Guitar Pack

Cad Stage 7 Ad

CAD Stage 7 Drum Mic Pack

The CAD Stage 7 is a seven-piece drum mic pack that includes one D10 cardioid dynamic mic, three D29 dynamic tom mics, with intergrated clips, one D19 dyanmic snare drum mic, with intergrated clip, and two C9 instrument condensers for high hats, cymbals or overheads. The pack includes a vinyl carrying case with strap for easy transport and storage.

Acoustic Guitar Packs (Featured)

Acoustic Guitar Packs!

In now! Some sweet Acoustic Guitar Packs from our friends at Fender and Yamaha. Check ‘em out!

$119 — Fender FA-100 w/ Gig Bag

Fender FA-100 Ad

A smokin’ deal of a guitar — the Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar is a great way to get started! This guitar offers great Fender sound and tremendous value to everyone. Guitar features include a spruce top with X bracing for full and resonant sound, body binding, smooth-playing 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge with compensated saddle, forward strap button with internal block reinforcement, and chrome hardware.

$149 — Yamaha GigMakerYamaha GigMaker Standard

Yamaha’s new Gigmaker acoustic pack is a great package that includes the F325 acoustic guitar, a gig bag, digital tuner, a DVD with some cool guitar lessons, a strap, a set of strings, and (of course) picks! Lot of fun in this acoustic pack!

$159 — Fender Classical

Fender Acoustic (Classical)

Fender’s FC-100 Classical Pack contains everything you need to start on guitar making beautiful nylon-string sounds right out of the box, all with affordable Fender value. The classical-style guitar is crafted with a great-sounding spruce top with traditional fan bracing, a mahogany back and sides for rich and balanced tone, a 19-fret rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge with compensated saddle, chrome hardware and a handsome gloss finish. And all the accessories you need to start playing are included—a tuner, picks, nylon string set and gig bag.

$199 — Fender DG-8S Acoustic Pack

Fender DG-8S (natural)

Available in either Natural or Black finish, Fender’s top-selling DG-8S Acoustic Pack has been upgraded this year with even finer features. These include a slightly re-shaped pickguard and rosewood bridge that give a nod to the Fender acoustics of the 1970s, new 3mm dot markers that lend an elegant touch to the fretboard, and a simple-but-striking mother-of-pearl acrylic rosette.

Fender Acoustic Pack

Other features include a solid spruce top with scalloped and quartersawn “X” bracing for balanced tone, mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck with 20-fret rosewood fretboard, neck and body binding, and Graphtech® Nubone™ nut and compensated bridge saddle. Pack includes everything needed to start playing, with gig bag, chromatic electronic tuner, strings, picks and strap and instructional DVD.

$199 — Fender FA-125S Acoustic Pack

The Fender FA-125S pack comes with a solid spruce top folk-style Acoustic Guitar, Fender Hal Leonard Instructional Material, Fender Chromatic Tuner, Fender picks, string winder, strap, and gig bag. Cool!

Fender FA-125S

$199 — Fender FM-100 Mandolin Pack

Mandolin is fun and easy instrument to jam on and adds a whole new texture to your sound. The Fender® FM-100 Mandolin Pack includes everything you need to start chiming away, with a Fender mandolin, gig bag, strings, tuner, picks and instructional book.

Fender FM-100 Mandolin Pack

$349 — Fender FB-300 Banjo Pack

The banjo is a uniquely American instrument descended from traditional African instruments. Nothing else sounds like it, and it’s a fun instrument to play, which contributes to its major role in bluegrass and country (it even pops up occasionally in rock, jazz and fusion). The FB-300 Banjo Pack makes getting started on banjo easy, and includes a Fender® banjo, gig bag, strings, tuner, picks and instruction book.

Fender FB-300 Pack

Hal Leonard Guitar

Reading on Guitar?

Many of us can fluently speak beautiful chords and melodies on guitars, but have you ever wondered what possibilities would open up for you if you began learning to read music on guitar? Here at Music 6000 we have the right books and teachers to get you reading and composing like a modern rock’n’roll Mozart (or something)! The Hal Leonard Guitar Method series is an industry-leading approach to teaching music for players of all backgrounds and skill levels. If you think learning to read on guitar is the coolest thing you’ve ever heard, come on in — give us a call — check out our Lessons here on the site — we’re here for you!