Special Holiday Hours

Starting December 20th, we’re going to be having some special holiday hours! Here they are:

  • December 20 (Sat) — 10 – 7 pm
  • December 21 (Sun) — 10 – 5 pm
  • December 22 (Mon) — 10 – 8 pm
  • December 23 (Tue) — 10 – 8 pm
  • December 24 (Wed) — 10 – 4 pm (early close)
  • December 25 — CLOSED
  • December 31 (Wed) — 10 – 5 pm
  • January 1 — CLOSED
  • January 4 — CLOSED

Happy Holidays!

Gift Ideas for Recording Musicians

Aye — Pro Audio folk! We have tons of great stuff for you this year! Check ‘em out!

Shure SRH144 & SRH145

Shure SRH144+145

Some nice, affordable headphones from Shure, the SRH144 and SRH145 both sell for only $39!

Mackie CR Series Studio Monitors

Mackie CR Series Ad

A very cool new product from Mackie, the CR Series studio monitors pack a lot of punch and clarity for a super affordable price. The CR3’s sell for just $99, and the CR4’s are available for $149!

PreSonus AudioBox USB

PreSonus AudioBox USB

PreSonus is one of the top-names is high-end recording gear, and the AudioBox USB is a great way to get started with their product line! We recently dropped the price of this recording interface to only $99!

Shure SV100 Microphone

Shure SV100
A good entry-level level dynamic microphone for a very affordable price of $29!

Zoom H1 Recorder

Zoom H1 Recorder Ad

Zoom makes some of the best portable recording gear around — their H1 portable recorder is a great way to get into their portable recording line for just $99!

Mackie Mix 5 + Mix 8

Mackie Mix 5 and 8

Some more great products from Mackie, the Mix 5 and Mix 8 and great portable mixers for great prices — the Mix 5 is $49 and the Mix 8 is $74!

M-Audio M-Track Plus

M-Audio M-Track Plus

Hey kids! Another recording interface, this one from M-Audio! The M-Audio M-Track Plus comes with ProTools Express — only $149!

M-Audio Oxygen Keyboard Controllers

M-Audio Oxygen Controllers

M-Audio Oxygen keyboard controllers kind of do it all — they give you keys to play and easily program melodies, come with knobs to control parameters, and eight pads for getting down your grooves! Come in and check ‘em out!

Gift Ideas for Guitar Players

Who knows a guitarist out there? Chances are, that guitarist totally needs some gifts — we’re here to assist! We rounded up some of the coolest gift ideas for guitar players — check it out!

Hercules Guitar Hangers

Hercules Wall HangerOne of the best gifts out there for guitarists and bass players, Hercules’ Guitar Hangers are the perfect solution to always having a place for your instrument.

Snark Clip-On Tuner

Snark Clip-On TunerAn instant classic, the Snark Clip-On Tuner is an easy, reliable way to tune your guitar, even in loud environments! They way it works is by sensing the vibration of the string through the instrument, giving reliable tuning read-outs no matter how much noise may be going on around — neat!

Hercules Tab Grab

A great product for performance and practice, the Hercules Tab Grab is a versatile product that easily mounts your iPad to a microphone stand, making reading chords and lyrics a breeze! It also  has a “tripod” function that allows your iPad to stably sit on a desk when you prefer.

Hercules Tab Grab

The Beatles Complete Chord Songbook

Beatles Complete Chord SongbookOne of our most favorite books ever, the Beatles Complete Chord Songbook is a totally accurate, yet completely accessible way of learning the secrets behind some of the best music ever composed. Lots of our peeps at the shop own and use this book, and we know every guitar player out there would freak over this thing!

Fender Mini Deluxe Amplifier

Fender Mini DeluxeElectric guitarists love to rock out with distortion and attitude, and this super portable amp from Fender makes it easier than ever! It’s just six inches wide, fits easily into your gig bag, and can be powered by a 9 volt battery for ultimate portability!

2015 Gibson Guitars: The Legend Continues

Boy howdy! We have the new 2015 Gibsons in stock! Gibson’s done a lot of new things for 2015 — let’s take a look at some of the new features!

Zero-Fret Adjustable Nut

Zero-Fret NutThis innovative nut design increases sustain, promotes accurate intonation, and improves action by offering a wide, range of nut adjustments. Slide guitarists can raise and lower action easily.

Wider Neck and Fingerboard

This is the one of the first things we noticed when we picked up the 2015 Gibsons — a pleasantly wider neck/fingerboard with increased playing area, but the same string spacing. This design allows for increased playing comfort for hammer-ons, pull-offs, and bends — yet the same string spacing retains a familiar, consistent feel. Add to that thicker Rosewood fretboards for higher mass, and you got truly massive sustain with these Gibsons!

Comprehensive Construction & Setup

Another great feature for 2015 Gibson’s is in the manufacturing process itself. They have new methods for wood selection, matching the finest and rarest woods to every guitar based on the quality of the match, consistency of the figure, intensity of the figure, clarity, and wave. The new guitars also have lower frets, providing a silky smooth feel, accurate intonation, and very easy bending.

New Tuning System

TunerGibson’s new G-Force tuners extend the innovations introduced in Min-eTune with new firmware that greatly improves ease of use. Combined with increased speed and accuracy, G-Force provides the best and simplest user experience yet in an automatic tuning system.

New and Improved Hardshell Case

Gibson Hardshell CaseThe new and improved hardshell case for 2015 upgrades the look and strength. Made to withstand an up to 15-foot drop (up to four times more resistant to drops than other cases), the tough, ergonomic, molded exterior and cushioned interior provide maximum protection as well as insulation from temperature and humidity extremes.

Alright, now that we know what’s new and happening this year with Gibson, it’s time to take a look at the guitars!

Les Paul Special Double Cut

Les Paul Special Double Cut 2015 (Heritage Cherry)

It’s back! We’re excited to see this very cool, vintage-vibe guitar available again, and just love how it plays! They’ve simplified the controls down to one volume, one tone, and the three-way switch — thank you!

Les Paul Deluxe

Les Paul Deluxe 2015 (Gold Top)

The acclaimed favorite with modern updates! The 2015 Deluxe  features better-balanced, mini humbucker pickups, plus hot–rod wiring for coil splitting and onboard boost! This killer combination, along with the new neck and other design improvements, update this ’70s icon for the 21st Century.

Les Paul Junior Single Cut

Les Paul Junior 2015 (Heritage Cherry) Les Paul Junior 2015 (Vintage Sunburst)

The classic simplicity of the Les Paul Junior with one powerful P-90 — this guitar has one powerful attack, I tell ya! This is the best deal around for a Gibson USA — pick one up and play!

SG Standard

SG Standard 2015 (Heritage Cherry)

The new SG Standard is one sweet playing guitar! The compound radius fingerboard and 57 Classic pickups paired with push/pull split coils make for tons of great tones and playing ease!

SG Special

SG Special 2015 (Heritage Cherry)

The new SG Special comes with… 24 frets! Wow! Imagine that? On top of that, we have two 61 Zebra pickups for some real powerful shredding!

Les Paul Classic

Les Paul Classic 2015 (Vintage Sunburst)

Truly a classic, this is Gibson’s most affordable full-size Les Paul. Featuring a very nice maple top, cream binding, 57 Classic rhythm pickup and a Super 57 lead with split coiling — boy what a nice guitar!

Ready to play a 2015 Gibson? We’ll see you in the shop :-)

CAD Stage 7 Drum Mic Pack

The CAD Stage 7 is a seven-piece drum mic pack that includes one D10 cardioid dynamic mic, three D29 dynamic tom mics, with intergrated clips, one D19 dyanmic snare drum mic, with intergrated clip, and two C9 instrument condensers for high hats, cymbals or overheads. The pack includes a vinyl carrying case with strap for easy transport and storage.

Cascade Microphones

Cascade Microphones is a local Olympia microphone company that makes tons of great mics. Here are a few to check out!

Cascade Fat Head BE

Cascade’s Fat Head BE is one of the best ways to enter the world of ribbon microphones. This is a professional level, studio-grade ribbon mic that will rock your world. Guitar Player Magazine described the Fat Head BE as the new go-to microphone for recording guitar. People use these for vocals and love the results as well.

Cascade X-15 Stereo Short Ribbon Mic

This very unique stereo ribbon microphone has two short ribbons positioned one over the other, offset 90 degrees.

X-15 Frequency Response

Cascade M39 Condenser Pair

Cascade M39The Cascade M39 is a cardioid condenser that has a 22mm diameter diaphragm. M39’s have a silky, open audio quality with a wide dynamic range — essential for accurate, instrument recording. These microphones are ideal to be used for drum over heads, hi-hat, snare, or acoustic instruments such as guitar and piano.

The M39 features a high SPL rating of 137 dB and is capable of capturing even the loudest of audio sources. The M39 is a compact microphone that is great for recording a wide range of instruments and is in use in professional and project studios around the world.

Cascade Elroy Tube Condenser Microphone

Elroy cropThe ELROY tube condenser microphone features a unique shock-absorbing capsule design that eliminates the need for an external shockmount, thus the yoke adaptor.

Triode-wired and fitted with a specially selected 6J1 tube, the Elroy ensures low noise and the warmth you are looking for.

The included polar patterns are: cardioid, figure-eight and omni-directional which are available via a 3-position switch on the front side. Also included on the rear of the microphone is a dual position switch that controls the bass roll-off and pad functions.

This large diaphragm tube microphone is capable of recording a wide variety of instruments and a many types of vocal ranges. Take advantage of the new ELROY, “best value on the market today”.

Cascade Victor Long Ribbon Mic

VictorThe Cascade Victor ribbon microphone features a 2 7/16″ long ribbon of aluminum suspended in the field of a strong permanent magnet. When the ribbon is exposed to sound it vibrates within the magnetic field and a tiny current is induced in the ribbon. This current is amplified to produce sound. What makes ribbon microphones so incredibly sensitive and accurate is that the signal comes directly from the material that senses the sound; nothing is lost in translation. The result is the most intimate, warm, and articulate sound produced by any type of microphone. Ribbon microphones are an excellent choice for recording guitar cabinets, drum overheads and vocals.

Cascade Fat Head II

Fat Head IIThe Fat Head II has a unique radian grill design that offers the natural and open sound associated with the finest ribbon microphones. The ribbon mic produces nice warmth when recording acoustic guitars, guitar cabinets, vocals, drum over-heads, and countless other types of instruments.