Black Friday

Open Friday 9 to 7!

Be here Friday morning at nine o’clock sharp for great deals and NO SALES TAX until Sunday! We have some tangible reasons to come into our shop listed below:

  • Door-busting deals* and major savings!
  • Free acoustic strings for the first 30 customers who spend $30+!
  • Refreshments and live music

Thanksgiving Day is upon us… for better or worse. Which means Black Friday is right around the corner! Get your customer hats and jackets on — this Friday we’ve got screamin’ deals that will have you scratching and sniffin’ your holiday shopping list faster than the cranberry sauce disappears 😉

Seriously — Get here early on Friday! 🌅

Our door(s) open at 9 am *sharp* on Friday, and inside those doors you will SAVE — on guitar packs, new cymbals, effects pedals, ukuleles, books & DVDs. There’s Friday-Only deals in EVERY department! In addition, you’ll pay NO SALES TAX all weekend long! 🎸

Not here at 9am? We’ve got weekend deals for you late-comers too! For instance: Drummers — get a pair of generic drumsticks for only 99¢ all weekend long! Guitarists — give your guitars a vacation home with wall hangers or guitar stands — your choice for only $9.48 each! Got your attention? These are just a few of the many, many great deals that will be available 🐣

…But they won’t last long! Hurry in!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and everyone else from us! 😬

Black Friday Savings!

Black Friday Savings!

Black Friday Savings!


Ampeg SCR-DI

Ampeg’s SCR-DI Bass DI with Scrambler Overdrive is a true Ampeg preamp, delivering a wide range of Ampeg tone perfect for the stage. The classic Ampeg EQ offers additional tonal control including Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo tone shaping. Plus, you can dial in tube-like grind with the all-new Bass Scrambler overdrive. The SCR-DI has all the connections to get Ampeg tone out of any rig and send it all to front-of-house to ensure the audience hears your tone. With a built-in headphone out and aux in for practicing along with backing tracks, the SCR-DI is also a fantastic practice tool that can fit right into your gig bag.


  • Legacy Ampeg preamp and tone stack circuits
  • Wide range of authentic Ampeg tones from smooth Portaflex to harmonically-rich SVT


  • The connections you need to drive your rig and deliver your exact tone to front-of-house
  • Dedicated XLR balanced line out with ground lift
  • Affected 1/4″ output
  • Unaffected 1/4″ thru


  • A complete Ampeg EQ pedal with massive tone choices
  • Classic 3-band tone stack
  • Ultra-Hi and Ultra-Lo circuits for additional tonal flexibility
  • Footswitchable


  • New Bass Scramblerâ„¢ overdrive delivers true SVT grit, grind and sag
  • Separate drive and blend controls
  • Footswitchable


  • Roadworthy die-cast zinc chassis construction
  • Durable metal switches
  • No-slip rubber feet for solid stage performance

Mackie CR Studio Monitors

Looking to get a pair of studio monitors for under $200? Check out Mackie’s CR3 and CR4 studio monitors at Music 6000! These are great entry-level reference monitors — we’ve tested them out with quite a few songs in different genres and were impressed with their consistency and clarity throughout frequency ranges. Bring in your iPod, plug in some tracks, and check them out — the CR3 pair is $99, and the CR4 pair is $149 😎

Taylor Acoustic Guitars

Someone you know need an Acoustic? Perhaps this person could be you? We have tons of great Taylor Acoustic Guitars in stock here at Music 6000 — here are some of our most popular models this time of year.

Baby Taylor

Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

One of the cutest and most popular Taylor models, the Baby Taylor is a 3/4 -scale acoustic that is a great choice for anyone who wants an easier playing experience. Light strings and low action make these a must-have travel guitar or nice gift for someone in your life. Find the Baby Taylor at Music 6000 for $319 :-)

Big Baby Taylor

Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Perhaps our most popular Taylor, the Big Baby is a full-scale guitar with a 15/16-scale body. Believe us — 15/16th makes a big difference in comfort, and you will immediately notice how easy and relaxing it is to play this guitar. These have pleasantly thin necks and make a great couch partner for writing songs. Find the Big Baby Taylor at Music 6000 for $499 with built-in electronics and a tuner, or $399 old school 👍

Taylor 114e and 114ce

Taylor 114e and 114ce Acoustic Guitars

Enter the world of full-size Taylor Guitars with the 114e and 114ce models — one standard, one with a cutaway. These Taylor 114s feature Taylor’s own Grand Auditorium body shape and are one of the best full-size acoustic guitars for the money. Find both of these great guitars at Music 6000 — $629 for the standard model, $799 for the cutaway.

Taylor 110e

Taylor 110e

Another fantastic full-size Taylor from the 100 Series is the Taylor 110e. Sporting a Dreadnaught-style body, this is a great guitar for just $629 🎸

Taylor 150e 12-String

Taylor 150e 12-String

Get six more strings going with this Taylor 150e 12-String acoustic guitar! Stunning sounds from this excellent Dreadnaught-body guitar, and just $749 at Music 6000!

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Models

Taylor 214ce Deluxe

Taylor’s distinctive 200 Series Deluxe category is loaded with high-end performance appeal. Built with a Grand Auditorium bodies, Taylor’s 214ce DLX models feature a Sitka spruce top, a full-gloss body, white binding, Small Diamond fretboard inlay, Venetian cutaway, Taylor Expression System electronics, and a Taylor standard hardshell case. We have the 214e DLX available in with Rosewood back and sides for $1199, and with Koa back and sides for $1299.

Taylor GS Mini Series

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

The biggest sounding little guitar around, say hello to Taylor’s GS Mini. These are hot-rodded 3/4-scale guitars, with ingenious engineering to get the most out of a small, easy to play guitar. Get your GS Mini today at Music 6000, starting at $529!

Paul Reed Smith Guitars

We havea bunch of great new Paul Reed Smith guitars in stock at Music 6000 — check it out!

We have some beautiful S2 and SE models in stock — here they all are!

30th Anniversary SE Custom 24

PRS 30th Anniversary SE Custom 24

Just $759 with a PRS gig bag! Made especially for Paul Reed Smith’s 30th Anniversary, the 30th Anniversary SE Custom 24 is the pinnacle of value in the realm of budget-friendly workhorse guitars.

Features include HFS treble and Vintage bass pickups, a push/pull tone control with a 3-way blade pickup selector, PRS’s excellent tremolo design, and a wide and thin maple neck — all these make the SE 30th Anniversary Custom 24 a great playing, addictive guitar.

S2 Standard 22 Satin

PRS S2 Standard 22 Satin

For just $999, this is one of the best guitars we have in the shop. It just plays nice — perfect response, great conversation partner. Satin finish is much thinner than the standard gloss finish and totally changes the tone. Not quite a Strat, not quite a Paul — this guitar has the best of both worlds, yet even more! The HH config looks conservative and safe, but notice the push/pull on the Tone? Pull that thing out, and you’re totally Strat-ified! (Might even be a touch of Tele twang to this one too!) This guitar can do it all — gotta play it to believe it!

S2 Starla (Dots)

PRS S2 Starla

$1249 at Music 6000 — Get retro with this PRS S2 Starla! A could-have-but-never-was kind of vintage-vibe hero, this Starla has an attitude that extends beyond its 1940’s design style. Sure it’s got a bigsby, but did you know it has a push/pull too? You get a totally different guitar, just like that. Do yourself a favor — come in an play this thing! 😎

S2 Custom 24 w/ Birds (Whale Blue)

PRS S2 Custom 24 in Whale Blue

Get real for $1399 with this gorgeous PRS S2 Custom 24! This Custom 24 comes in the entrancing and unique Whale Blue finish and has bird inlays — top notch! Add to that a push/pull and boom! Too much fun 👍

S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow

PRS S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow

For $1599, get a little bit hollow with this PRS S2 Singlecut Semi-Hollow! Classy as heck, featuring birds, this is the one!

S2 Custom 24 (Birds)

PRS S2 Custom 24

Another wonderful S2 Custom 24, this one in a flamey kind of Sunburst finish!

S2 Mira Semi-Hollow (Dots, Black Gloss)

PRS S2 Mira Semi-Hollow

Casio PX-5S Keyboard

Used at Music 6000 — this excellent Casio PX-5S keyboard! The Privia PX-5S redefines the stage piano category with unprecedented sound quality and performance features in a lightweight design that is supremely portable. Featuring tone editing, insert effects, MIDI controller capabilities, an 88 Key, Tri-Sensor Scaled Hammer Action II Keyboard and weighing only 24 lbs., the Privia PX-5S is ready to take stage.

Great Practice Amps

These days you can get a ton of great tones with a simple practice amp. We carry quality practice amps from Blackstar, Fender, and Vox that do a great job of emulating the classic guitar tones we love.

Blackstar ID:Core

Blackstar ID:Core Practice Amps

A very popular practice amp at our shop, these Blackstar ID:Core practice amps pack a lotta bang for the buck. These amps are available in 10, 20, or 40 watts for $99, $149, and $199 respectively. The best way of getting to know one of these amps is to come into the shop and plug in! 🎸

Fender Mustang Series

Fender Mustang Series Practice Amps

Another popular line of practice amps, Fender’s Mustang series are also top contenders for nice playing-at-home tones. The Mustang series offers a wider variety of watt output, ranging from 20 watts for the Mustang I and all the way up to 100 watts for the Mustang III. The Mustang I, II, and III are $119, $199, and $329 — come into the store to check them out and play :-)

Vox VX Series Practice Amps

Vox Practice Amps

Another great option for a fabulous practice amp is the VOX VX I & VX II. These amps do uniquely cool tones that differ from the Blackstar and Fender ones. We have the VX I for $99 and VX II for $149 🎸

Feel like having a practice amp that’s ready to travel? Ask us about the Vox Mini for $119 — it takes batteries, is easy to pack around, and looks very cute :-)

Fender Reverse Headstock “Hendrix” Strat

For just $899 at Music 6000 — this way-too-cool Fender Reverse Headstock “Hendrix” Stratocaster! This is one of the best ways of getting a Jimi-style Strat for a right-handed player.

Lots of details on this guitar– the reverse-headstock is the first thing we’ll all notice. Beyond looking funky and Hendrix-esque, this reverse-headstock design actually changes the quality of each string’s tone and bending characteristic — contrary to a typical Strat, the 6th string has the longest distance from the nut to the tuning machine. This causes the low E to behave different tonally (especially when bending). In the same mode of thought, the 1st string has significantly different characteristics because of the short distance it spans from the nut to the tuning machine. Sounds interesting? Come into the shop and give it a try through a Fender tube amp 🎸

Fender Reverse-Headstock "Hendrix" Stratocaster Up-Close

Beyond that nerdy headstock stuff, the pickups are of vintage-stagger and are properly installed “backwards.” This has a pretty extreme effect on the tone, causing the low E and A to sound slinky and adding a chimey effect to the higher strings. Also, the pickguard is customized for a reverse-angle bridge pickup, strangely causing the bassier strings to have tighter response than the treble strings. All these little details? They make this Strat sound unique and awesome — come into our shop and play it to believe! 😉


It’s ukulele season — all year ’round! — and we’re pleased to showcase our great ukulele selection. Check out a few of the models we carry at Music 6000!

Seahawks Ukulele

Seahawks Ukulele!

Alright, Seahawks fans– we have exactly what you’ve always wanted and needed: a Seattle Seahawks ukulele! These are great to have on game-day — impress your friends next Sunday with one of these Seahawks ukuleles for $79 at Music 6000 🏈

Student Ukuleles

Amahi Student Soprano Ukuleles

For $49, you can’t go wrong with a student uke for someone just starting out. We have student ukulele models from Amahi and Makala with lots of fun designs — come into the shop to find one that looks and feels right!

Makala Ukulele Pack

Makala Ukulele PackJust $69, get an upgraded student soprano uke in an awesome pack that comes with a Gig Bag, Tuner, and more! These are a great value and get you quite a bit more value for just a couple dollars more :-) And, if you’re in the market for a larger-sized ukulele, we have a Concert-size ukulele pack for $89 — call 360-786-6000 for more info!

Kala Ebony Uke Series

Kala Ebony Concert UkuleleGet some different tones with these very cool Kala Ebony series ukuleles! These ukuleles feature striped ebony wood for their top, back, and sides. We stock these ukuleles in Soprano, Concert, and Tenor body-shapes for $149, $169, and $189 respectively.

Kala KA-TG

Kala KA-TG

A beautiful tenor ukulele from Kala, this TG comes in a nice, comfortable gloss mahogany and will rock your tropical island jams just swell — only $139 at Music 6000!


Kala KA-TEME UkuleleA beautiful mahogany ukulele with built-in electronics for a great price, Kala’s KA-TEME Tenor ukulele is a show-stopper waiting for you. Great tones on these models, and available at Music 6000 for just $199 — come in and give this ukulele a play!

Amahi 330 Series w/ Bag

Amahi 330 SeriesA great choice from Amahi, the 330 series ukuleles are nice instruments that come with come with a bag! Get the Soprano for $129 with a bag, or the Concert for $139 with bag :-)

Kala Travel Ukes

Kala Travel Ukuleles

A very popular choice for discerning players with a desire for compactness, these Kala Travel Ukuleles sound really big for their thinline size. We’re always surprised at just how good these ukes sounds, and the prices are fantastic — $189 for the Soprano, $209 for the Concert, and $229 for the Travel.

Roland Boutique

The Sound of a Legend — the Size of a Book

The Roland Boutique line is a series of limited-edition modules that faithfully recreates some of Roland’s most legendary synths.
Roland Boutique
With highly-authentic sound reproduction, they’re also extremely portable, with a built-in speaker and battery operation for making music whenever—and wherever—you want.
Roland Boutique Series


Roland JP-08

The sound of a JUPITER-8 … the size of a book

The legendary JUPITER-8 synth is back as a limited-edition module no bigger than a book. Part of the Roland Boutique series, the JP-08 is all about hands-on control and that iconic JUPITER sound. With an array of 36 knobs and sliders from the original JUPITER-8 front panel, the 4-voice JP-08 is highly programmable and encourages sonic experimentation, especially with the built-in speaker and battery operation. Using Roland’s acclaimed Analog Circuit Behaviour (ACB) technology the JP-08 faithfully reproduces the original JUPITER-8 sounds and adds a few new twists in the form of extra LFOs and expanded VCO range. You can even slide the JP-08 into the optional K-25m keyboard unit for a self-contained, go-anywhere synth experience.


Roland JX-03

the sound of a JX-3P … the size of a book

The Roland Boutique JX-03 module continues the legacy of the JX-3P synth. The original model was launched when button-driven interfaces were popular, so it was designed to give immediate access to preset sounds. It was actually highly programmable though, especially when used with the optional PG-200 controller that added 24 rotary knobs for instant sonic sculpting. The limited-edition 4-voice JX-03 inherits all 24 knobs from the PG-200, as well as the distinctive JX tonal character. We’ve also added some extras not present in the JX-3P including new waveforms, expanded DCO range and cross modulation options. You can even slide the JX-03 into the optional K-25m keyboard unit for a self-contained, go-anywhere synth experience.


Roland JU-06

the sound of a JUNO-106 … the size of a book

The limited-edition JU-06 is an authentic recreation of the iconic JUNO-106 synthesizer. Sometimes described as one of the last great synths of the analog era, the JUNO-106 became a favorite thanks to its warm sounds and instant sound-shaping ability. The new 4-voice JU-06 module continues this approach, with 23 parameters controllable via the front panel and that classic JUNO sound – complete with the much-loved JUNO chorus effect. There are some new additions too, including a faster LFO and continuously variable hi-pass filter (HPF). You can even slide the JU-06 into the optional K-25m keyboard unit for a self-contained, go-anywhere synth experience.

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