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Music 6000 has been Olympia's go-to local music shop since 1966 and continues to offer excellent service and selection.

Smitty Vintage Showcase

Smitty Vintage Showcase

The one-and-only Smitty showcases some amazing vintage gear, only available at Music 6000! Give us a call at 360-786-6000 if you’re interested in anything — we’re happy to ship it to you!

  • 1961 Fender Stratocaster w/ OHSC
  • 1974 Fender Stratocaster w/ OHSC
  • 1968 Fender Bandmaster (Silverface w/ Piping)
  • 1966-67 Fender 2×12 Cabinet

For microphones, we used a Shure SM57 Beta and a Elecro-Voice RE320 — if you’re a guitar player, ya need these! We’ll write a in-depth guitar cab mic article somedayĀ 🎙🎸🎤

$99 Epiphone Acoustic Sale

Exclusive at Music 6000 — get an Epiphone acoustic guitar for only $99! These are great guitars to start learning on and normally cost more 😎

We have lots of acoustic guitars to chose from, so come into Music 6000 today and play some guitars! 🎸

Looking for something in particular? Give us a call at 360-786-6000 and let us know! 📞

Yamaha Keyboard Sale!

Come into Music 6000 and save big when you buy a Yamaha P45 or P115 keyboard! Each comes with a L85 stand and PKBB1 bench 🎹

  • P45 pack — only $549!
  • P115 pack — just $ 649!

Feel free to give us a call at 360-786-6000 if you have any questions, and, for the rest of you out there, see you in the shop!