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Tama ImperialStar: Your Complete Drum Kit

Only $699 at Music 6000 — Tama’s ImperialStar IP52KC is the best starter kit on the market, including shells, hardware, throne, and quality Meinl cymbals! ⚡️

Check it out — Everything you see, you get! 🐵

Tama ImperialStar IP52KC
🍖 This Tama ImperialStar likes to go “Boom!” 🍗

This is a real-deal complete drum kit with quality hardware and performance. When I was growing up, you couldn’t get kits this good for only $699 — too cool! ☀️

Also a good kit for hauling around and playing live — these Tama kits are built tough 🐗

Questions? Give us a call at 360-786-6000! 🏝