Get your fingers on some keys at Music 6000 and play! We have great keyboards from Yamaha, Roland, and Korg — come in, track down Forrest and Stuart, and have a conversation about our nice selection of keyboards.

We also have awesome MIDI controllers and other synthy or otherwise gadgets — give us a call at 360-786-6000 to ask questions, or come by the shop and check them all out!

Portable keyboards, digital pianos, synthesizers, studio workstations, MIDI controllers, audio interfaces, mixers, PA’s, studio monitors, sub-woofers, power amps, benches, foot pedals, and more! You gotta come by the shop to believe it šŸ˜‰


We have great piano and keyboard teachers who can get people of all ages started with keys — check out our Lessons page for more info 🎹


Piano players tend to read music, so we stock lots of great books for precocious sight-readers and re-imainging arrangers and everyone to read and enjoy!

Want to learn how to read music? We stock many effective learning series, including Alfred’s Adult-All-In-One series — read through these, and you’re pretty much there! (Still doesn’t hurt to take some lessons too — all of us are always learningĀ šŸ™‚ )

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