Fender Guitars

Fender Guitars

New Arrivals

Fender Duo Sonic HS

Fender Duo Sonic HS

$499 at Music 6000 — Fender’s new “Duo Sonic HS” brings back a vintage line with a twist. Humbucker on the bridge, angled single-coil on the neck, three-way switch, and a push/pull tone give you tons of tonal options. The 24″ scale length neck is noticeably shorter than a Strat or Telecaster and is great for players who want something more approachable than a 25.5″ scale full-size. 9.5″ modern radius neck with 22 medium jumbo frets on a rosewood fingerboard. Great new model!

Fender “Mustang 90”

Fender Mustang 90

$499 at Music 6000 — the “Mustang 90″ is another new Fender model with vintage inspiration and modern accommodations. Two big single-coil MP-90 pickups make this guitar kick like a mule (in a good way!). Also featuring a 24″ scale length neck with modern 9.5” radius and medium jumbo frets.

American Standard Telecaster

We have some really nice New American Standard Telecasters in stock — these come upgraded with Custom Shop Pickups and play & sound great! Come on in and take a look!


American Standard Stratocaster

Just like the New American Standard Tele’s, these Strats also come upgraded with Custom Shop Pickups! We love questions, so come on in and hang out!

New American Standard Stratocaster

Standard Stratocasters and Telecasters

We have some pretty fun Fender Standard Stratocasters and Telecasters with different configurations. We have the traditional designs, some with hum bridge pickups, others S1 switches and rotary tone knobs, even one with a hexaphonic pickup and USB out for MIDI! Only way to believe it is to come in and see for yourself.

Fender Flame

Squier Strats, Teles, Jaguars, Starcasters, Jazzmasters, and more!

We have a lot of fun with Squiers here at the shop. Lots of great varieties for great prices and years of playing. We have an assortment of different styles, so our best advice is to come on in and play ’em!

Squier Jazz