Remo Drumheads

Find a great variety of Remo Drumheads at Music 6000!

Remo Silentstroke

One of the newest and best ways to control your drum’s volume, Silentstroke heads use a single ply mesh material that offers a soft, spring-like feel at very low decibel levels. Offered in snare, tom and bass sizes, Silentstroke Drumheads provide a unique practice alternative to standard acoustic drum volumes.


Fender Guitars

New Arrivals

Fender Duo Sonic HS

Fender Duo Sonic HS

$499 at Music 6000 — Fender’s new “Duo Sonic HS” brings back a vintage line with a twist. Humbucker on the bridge, angled single-coil on the neck, three-way switch, and a push/pull tone give you tons of tonal options. The 24″ scale length neck is noticeably shorter than a Strat or Telecaster and is great for players who want something more approachable than a 25.5″ scale full-size. 9.5″ modern radius neck with 22 medium jumbo frets on a rosewood fingerboard. Great new model!

Fender “Mustang 90”

Fender Mustang 90

$499 at Music 6000 — the “Mustang 90″ is another new Fender model with vintage inspiration and modern accommodations. Two big single-coil MP-90 pickups make this guitar kick like a mule (in a good way!). Also featuring a 24″ scale length neck with modern 9.5” radius and medium jumbo frets.

American Standard Telecaster

We have some really nice New American Standard Telecasters in stock — these come upgraded with Custom Shop Pickups and play & sound great! Come on in and take a look!


American Standard Stratocaster

Just like the New American Standard Tele’s, these Strats also come upgraded with Custom Shop Pickups! We love questions, so come on in and hang out!

New American Standard Stratocaster

Standard Stratocasters and Telecasters

We have some pretty fun Fender Standard Stratocasters and Telecasters with different configurations. We have the traditional designs, some with hum bridge pickups, others S1 switches and rotary tone knobs, even one with a hexaphonic pickup and USB out for MIDI! Only way to believe it is to come in and see for yourself.

Fender Flame

Squier Strats, Teles, Jaguars, Starcasters, Jazzmasters, and more!

We have a lot of fun with Squiers here at the shop. Lots of great varieties for great prices and years of playing. We have an assortment of different styles, so our best advice is to come on in and play ’em!

Squier Jazz

Cascade Microphones

Cascade Microphones is a local Olympia microphone company that makes great microphones. Here are a few to check out!

Cascade Fat Head BE

Cascade’s Fat Head BE is one of the best ways to enter the world of ribbon microphones. This is a professional level, studio-grade ribbon mic that will rock your world. Guitar Player Magazine described the Fat Head BE as the new go-to microphone for recording guitar. People use these for vocals and love the results as well.

Cascade X-15 Stereo Short Ribbon Mic

This very unique stereo ribbon microphone has two short ribbons positioned one over the other, offset 90 degrees.

GlenPhillips – Greer Zoller from Coyote Sessions

Cascade M39 Condenser Pair

Cascade M39The Cascade M39 is a cardioid condenser that has a 22mm diameter diaphragm. M39’s have a silky, open audio quality with a wide dynamic range — essential for accurate, instrument recording. These microphones are ideal to be used for drum over heads, hi-hat, snare, or acoustic instruments such as guitar and piano.

The M39 features a high SPL rating of 137 dB and is capable of capturing even the loudest of audio sources. The M39 is a compact microphone that is great for recording a wide range of instruments and is in use in professional and project studios around the world. M39 X/Y Overheads/Elroy Tube Mic On Kick

Cascade Elroy Tube Condenser Microphone

Elroy cropThe ELROY tube condenser microphone features a unique shock-absorbing capsule design that eliminates the need for an external shockmount, thus the yoke adaptor.

Triode-wired and fitted with a specially selected 6J1 tube, the Elroy ensures low noise and the warmth you are looking for.

The included polar patterns are: cardioid, figure-eight and omni-directional which are available via a 3-position switch on the front side. Also included on the rear of the microphone is a dual position switch that controls the bass roll-off and pad functions.

Cascade Microphones

Cascade Victor Long Ribbon Mic

VictorThe Cascade Victor ribbon microphone features a 2 7/16″ long ribbon of aluminum suspended in the field of a strong permanent magnet. When the ribbon is exposed to sound it vibrates within the magnetic field and a tiny current is induced in the ribbon. This current is amplified to produce sound. What makes ribbon microphones so incredibly sensitive and accurate is that the signal comes directly from the material that senses the sound; nothing is lost in translation. The result is the most intimate, warm, and articulate sound produced by any type of microphone. Ribbon microphones are an excellent choice for recording guitar cabinets, drum overheads and vocals.

Zildjian Cymbal Packs

One of the best ways to get your cymbal on is Zildjian Cymbal Packs from Music 6000! These packs are great deals, and the cymbals in each pack sound great together.

Zildjian ZBT Cymbal Packs

Zildjian ZBT

ZBT Cymbal Packs are a great value and sound fantastic!

The ZBT 4-Cymbal Pack comes with 13″ ZBT Hi Hats, 18″ ZBT Crash Ride, and a 14″ ZBT Crash.

The ZBT 5-Cymbal Packs come with 14″ ZBT Hi Hats, 16″ ZBT Crash, 20″ ZBT Ride, and then a choice for your 5th cymabal — either a 14″ ZBT Crash, or a super cool 10″ FX Trashformer cymbal that’s just too much fun!

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D’Addario NYXL Strings

Play Fearlessly

A brand new line of strings from D’Addario, NYXL’s bend farther, sing louder, and stay in tune better than strings you’ve played before.

String Facts

The engineering behind D’Addario’s new NYXL strings yields some some pretty neat properties — a few of our guitar players have tried them out on their guitars and definitely noticed a difference.


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Acoustic Guitar Packs!

In now! Some sweet Acoustic Guitar Packs from our friends at Fender and Yamaha. Check ’em out!

$119 — Fender FA-100 w/ Gig Bag

Fender FA-100 Ad

A smokin’ deal of a guitar — the Fender FA-100 Acoustic Guitar is a great way to get started! This guitar offers great Fender sound and tremendous value to everyone. Guitar features include a spruce top with X bracing for full and resonant sound, body binding, smooth-playing 20-fret rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge with compensated saddle, forward strap button with internal block reinforcement, and chrome hardware.

$149 — Yamaha GigMakerYamaha GigMaker Standard

Yamaha’s new Gigmaker acoustic pack is a great package that includes the F325 acoustic guitar, a gig bag, digital tuner, a DVD with some cool guitar lessons, a strap, a set of strings, and (of course) picks! Lot of fun in this acoustic pack!

$159 — Fender FC-100 Classical

Fender Acoustic (Classical)

Fender’s FC-100 Classical Pack contains everything you need to start on guitar making beautiful nylon-string sounds right out of the box, all with affordable Fender value. The classical-style guitar is crafted with a great-sounding spruce top with traditional fan bracing, a mahogany back and sides for rich and balanced tone, a 19-fret rosewood fingerboard, rosewood bridge with compensated saddle, chrome hardware and a handsome gloss finish. And all the accessories you need to start playing are included—a tuner, picks, nylon string set and gig bag.

$199 — Fender DG-8S Acoustic Pack

Fender DG-8S (natural)

Available in either Natural or Black finish, Fender’s top-selling DG-8S Acoustic Pack has been upgraded this year with even finer features. These include a slightly re-shaped pickguard and rosewood bridge that give a nod to the Fender acoustics of the 1970s, new 3mm dot markers that lend an elegant touch to the fretboard, and a simple-but-striking mother-of-pearl acrylic rosette.

Fender Acoustic Pack

Other features include a solid spruce top with scalloped and quartersawn “X” bracing for balanced tone, mahogany back and sides, mahogany neck with 20-fret rosewood fretboard, neck and body binding, and Graphtech® Nubone™ nut and compensated bridge saddle. Pack includes everything needed to start playing, with gig bag, chromatic electronic tuner, strings, picks and strap and instructional DVD.

$199 — Fender FA-125S Acoustic Pack

The Fender FA-125S pack comes with a solid spruce top folk-style Acoustic Guitar, Fender Hal Leonard Instructional Material, Fender Chromatic Tuner, Fender picks, string winder, strap, and gig bag. Cool!

Fender FA-125S

$199 — Fender FM-100 Mandolin Pack

Mandolin is fun and easy instrument to jam on and adds a whole new texture to your sound. The Fender® FM-100 Mandolin Pack includes everything you need to start chiming away, with a Fender mandolin, gig bag, strings, tuner, picks and instructional book.

Fender FM-100 Mandolin Pack

$349 — Fender FB-300 Banjo Pack

The banjo is a uniquely American instrument descended from traditional African instruments. Nothing else sounds like it, and it’s a fun instrument to play, which contributes to its major role in bluegrass and country (it even pops up occasionally in rock, jazz and fusion). The FB-300 Banjo Pack makes getting started on banjo easy, and includes a Fender® banjo, gig bag, strings, tuner, picks and instruction book.

Fender FB-300 Pack

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