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Great Practice Amps

These days you can get a ton of great tones with a simple practice amp. We carry quality practice amps from Blackstar, Fender, and Vox that do a great job of emulating the classic guitar tones we love.

Fender Champion Series

Fender Champion Series

Starting at just $99, Fender Champion amplifiers are great amps for the price. Fender Champion 20, 40, and 100 models are available for $99, $179, and $349 respectively — come into the shop and try one out!

Blackstar ID:Core

These Blackstar ID:Core practice amps pack a lotta bang for the buck, starting at just $99. The best way of getting to know one of these amps is to come into the shop and plug in! 🎸

Fender Mustang Series

Fender Mustang Series Practice Amps

Another popular line of practice amps, Fender’s Mustang series are also top contenders for nice playing-at-home tones. The Mustang series offers a wider variety of watt output, ranging from 20 watts for the Mustang I and all the way up to 100 watts for the Mustang III. The Mustang I, II, and III are $119, $199, and $329 — come into the store to check them out and play 🙂

Vox Mini3

Vox Mini3

A super portable, battery-powered practice amp that sound great for just $119, the Vox Mini3 will surprise you with its depth of tone and versatility. Too cute!

Vox Mini3 Controls