Taylor Guitars

Taylor Guitars

Someone you know need an Acoustic? Perhaps this person could be you? We have tons of great Taylor Acoustic Guitars in stock here at Music 6000 — here are some of our most popular models this time of year.

Baby Taylor

Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

One of the cutest and most popular Taylor models, the Baby Taylor is a 3/4 -scale acoustic that is a great choice for anyone who wants an easier playing experience. Light strings and low action make these a must-have travel guitar or nice gift for someone in your life. Find the Baby Taylor at Music 6000 for $319 šŸ™‚

Big Baby Taylor

Big Baby Taylor Acoustic Guitar

Perhaps our most popular Taylor, the Big Baby is a full-scale guitar with a 15/16-scale body. Believe us — 15/16th makes a big difference in comfort, and you will immediately notice how easy and relaxing it is to play this guitar. These have pleasantly thin necks and make a great couch partner for writing songs. Find the Big Baby Taylor at Music 6000 for $529 with built-in electronics and a tuner, or $429 old school 👍

Taylor 114e and 114ce

Taylor 114e and 114ce Acoustic Guitars

Enter the world of full-size Taylor Guitars with the 114e and 114ce models — one standard, one with a cutaway. These Taylor 114s feature Taylor’s own Grand Auditorium body shape and are one of the best full-size acoustic guitars for the money. Find both of these great guitars at Music 6000 — $599 for the standard model, $799 for the cutaway.

Taylor 110e

Taylor 110e

Another fantastic full-size Taylor from the 100 Series is the Taylor 110e. Sporting a Dreadnought-style body, this is a great guitar for just $599 🎸

Taylor 150e 12-String

Taylor 150e 12-String

Get six more strings going with this Taylor 150e 12-String acoustic guitar! Stunning sounds from this excellent Dreadnought-body guitar, and just $749 at Music 6000!

Taylor 214ce Deluxe Models

Taylor 214ce Deluxe

Taylor’s distinctive 200 Series Deluxe category is loaded with high-end performance appeal. Built with a Grand Auditorium bodies, Taylor’s 214ce DLX models feature a Sitka spruce top, a full-gloss body, white binding, Small Diamond fretboard inlay, Venetian cutaway, Taylor Expression System electronics, and a Taylor standard hardshell case. We have the 214e DLX available in with Rosewood back and sides for $1199, and with Koa back and sides for $1299.

Taylor GS Mini Series

Taylor GS Mini Acoustic Guitar

The biggest sounding little guitar around, say hello to Taylor’s GS Mini. These are hot-rodded 3/4-scale guitars, with ingenious engineering to get the most out of a small, easy to play guitar. Get your GS Mini today at Music 6000, starting at $499!