Smitty Meets the Dunes!

Smitty Meets the Dunes!

“Put a little hair on the dog here for ya!”

The insurmountable Smitty meets the Dunes! 📠🎸

Dunes is an overdrive from our friends at EarthQuaker Devices, and wow does it sound good! In this video, we’re recording the Dunes with a PRS S2 Custom 24 through a 70s Fender Twin with a SM57 on each cone (one SM57, one Beta 57A). Each mic has a totally different response and color, I did some EQ shifts and compressors in post to make it “one big sound” 🔊

Smitty Destroys the Harmony H303A

Smitty Destroys the Harmoney H303A

That despicable Smitty is at it again — this time it sounds like he’s breaking our vintage Harmony H303A! Just kidding — this amp rocks!

We’ve used three silly effects pedals: Boss DS-1, EQD Sea Machine, and EQD Ghost Echo. Using a PRS SE 7-string model. Cascade Vin-Jet long-ribbon microphone on the amp 🎙 Bizarre tones, you get better performance with a Telecaster 😏

Louis, Fender AmPro Tele, Tech 21 Comptortion, EQD Dispatch Master, Harmony H303A, Shure SM57

Louis with an AmPro Tele, Tech 21 Comptortion, EQD Dispatch Master, Harmony H303A, Shure SM57

Louis showcases some vintage tones in this video!

We’re using a 60s Harmony Model H303A tube combo, just a 6″ speaker 😉 12 o’clock is where we put the amp.

Louis is playing a Fender American Professional Telecaster, going through a Tech 21 Comptortion in the beginning of the video, then a EarthQuaker Dispatch Master for slapback! Shure SM57 mic’ing it 🎤

Harmony Model H303A with a Shure SM57

EarthQuaker Devices Dispatch Master & Tech 21 Comptortion

Harmony Model H303A Backside

Smitty Meets the PRS SE 7-String & the new Fender Mustang GT Amplifier Series!

PRS SE 7-String & a Fender Mustang GT 100

See the bountiful bard Smitty spin a tale of seven-string rock’n’roll flops! Here’s to the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers… 😉

This seven-string PRS SE is a sweetie — somebody buy it before I do! Amazing guitar, designed just right. The neck profile is perfect, a six-string player can pick this up and feel comfortable playing with the low B, very well done 👌

Playing through the new Fender Mustang GT 100 — wowee! This is one of the best digital modeling combos we’ve ever heard. What you’re hearing in the video was recorded with the XLR direct out in the back of the amp. I added some EQ shifts and put on a couple of digital compressors on in post — viola! 🎻