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Instrument Rentals

Ready for band season? We offer band instrument rentals that make learning a new instrument affordable for everyone. When you rent band instruments from us, we provide service and repairs on the rental instrument for free, so don’t worry — everything will be taken care of šŸ™‚ Best yet, if you decide to purchase your rental instrument, a portion of the first 18 months of rental can apply to the purchase. Please call our shop at 360-786-6000Ā if you have any questions!

Rental Rates

Instrument Rate
Alto Sax $32 – 60
Tenor Sax $36 – 80
Bass Clarinet limited,Ā call for price
Baritone Horn limited,Ā call for price
Bassoons limited, call for price
Clarinet $21 – 32
Cornet $21 – 28
Flute $21 – 32
Flute (open hole) $21 – 32 (limited)
Trombone $21 – 42
Trumpet $21 – 28
Cello (1/2, 3/4) $32 – 52
Cello (full) $32 – 60
Violin (1/4 – 3/4) $21 – 28
Violin (full) $21 – 32
Viola (13-14") $21 – 28
Viola (15-16") $21 – 32
Bell Kit $21 – 25
Snare Drum $21
Snare & Drum Kits $28

Prices subject to change. Two month minimum rental period.


If you have any issues with your instrument, our Repair Shop is here to help. We offer setups and fixes for band and orchestra instruments — call us at 60-786-6000 with any questions, and check out our Band & Orchestra Repair page 🎷

Used Instruments


School Music Books

We have school books for band and orchestra students, including:

  • Accent on Achievement
  • Essential Elements
  • Essential Elements (Old Edition)
  • Standard of Excellence
  • Standard of Excellence: Jazz Ensemble Method
  • Tradition of Excellence
  • Foundations for Superior Performance
  • Sound Innovations for Concert Band
  • Sound Innovations: Ensemble Development
  • Yamaha Band Student
  • Technic Today
  • String Basics
  • New Directions for Strings
  • I Recommend
  • Strictly Strings

Beyond these learning series, we have lots of other titles for players of any experience level, including popular songbooks with chords and melodies, numerous editions on music theory, even tablature for guitar players and other instruments — if you’re looking for something in particular, give us a call at 360-786-6000 and we can special order it for you!

Music Stands

Music Stands

Integral to reading printed music is having the proper place to set your sheet music — this is where Music Stands come in! We have folding music stands in various colors starting at just $17. Beyond these light-weight, folding stands, we have heavy-duty ensemble stands and many more options waiting at our shop for you — come in and a take look, or give us a call at 360-786-6000 with any questions you may have 🎻

Care and Maintenance

Assorted valve oil optionsWe have all the supplies you need to keep your instrument in good playing shape. Care Kits tailored for individual instruments are available that have the essentials are available that have Ā needs that students

We have custom care kits designed to meet the needs of students learning to play and properly care for an instrument. We have these kits available for Alto Sax, Clarinet, Flute, Violin, Trumpet, Cello, and (soon!) Trombone. These kits range from $9.99 up to $19.99 šŸ™‚

Instrument Cases & Stands

Band & Orchestra Bags and CasesStoring and transporting your instrument safely is essential to retaining its condition and playability. We have a nice selection of bags and cases from top quality brands that will ensure your instrument stays safe and in good playing shape.

For practice at home or convenience during performance, instrument stands are handy for having a secure place to set down your instrument temporarily. We have varying designs for many different instruments, so come into the shop or give us a call at 360-786-6000 with any questions 🎺

Accessories and Supplies

We have a great assortment of accessories for band and orchestra instruments. Get lyres andĀ flip foldersĀ for marching band, cleaning cloths, pad savers, chin rests,Ā reeds, cork grease, slide oil, rosin, and more! If you have any questions, give us a call at 360-786-6000 🎻

Marching Band Lyres, Flip Folders, and Windows

Lyre, Flip Folder, and Windows for Marching BandEssential to taking your music with you while marching are lyres, flip folders, and windows! 💦 Keep the rain off your music with a flip folder equipped with plastic windows for each piece, get a lyre to hold it on your instrument conveniently at eye-level Ā 👀

Reeds, Reeds, Reeds!

Rico and Rico Royal ReedsPlayers always need reeds, and we have them in stock for you! Our lightest reeds are 2s, and they go from there — please call 360-786-6000 for specific questions regarding stock on specific brands. For students, we conveniently have reed 3-packs available from Rico and Rico Royal 🎷

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