Fender Mustang GT Series

Fender Mustang GT Series

Fender’s new Mustang GT amplifiers are *excellent* digital modeling combos. They are extremely easy to use, offer detailed tone settings, and are extremely lightweight.

Mustang™ GT Amp Series Demo with Nick Reinhart | Mustang™ GT Amp Series | Fender

We have all three models in stock:

  • Mustang GT 40 for $249
  • Mustang GT 100 for $399
  • Mustang GT 200 for $599

Come into Music 6000 and give these amps a try — they are surprisingly great sounding. The models are good enough to trick you into thinking it’s a tube amp. Very well done!

The best part of the GT 100 & 200 is the stereo XLR out on the back. Wonderful DI system, sound amazing direct. We used a Mustang GT on this video:

PRS SE 7-String & a Fender Mustang GT 100