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Since 1966

Music 6000 Is The Place For Ukes

We have the largest selection of Ukes in the South Sound.

It's ukulele season year-round, so we always have a great selection of ukes at Music 6000 -- give us a call at 360-786-6000 to see what's new, and come into the shop sometime to play one our fine ukuleles. Click here to see some of the Ukes we have for sale.


Makala Waterman Ukes

Makala Waterman ukuleles feature fun colors, durable design, and a handy gig bag. A great starter uke and travel companion, the Makala Waterman is guaranteed to make your adventures more musical than ever before! Come into Music 6000 today and play a Makala Waterman. Prices start at $39.

Makala Ukulele Pack

Just $76.99, get an upgraded student soprano uke in an awesome pack that comes with a Gig Bag, Tuner, and more! These are a great value and get you quite a bit more value for just a couple dollars more 🙂 And, if you're in the market for a larger-sized ukulele, we have a Concert-size ukulele pack for $89.99 -- call 360-786-6000 for more info!

Kala Travel Ukuleles

Starting at just $189 -- Kala Travel Ukuleles are a very popular choice for discerning players with a desire for compactness. Big sound from a small size instrument -- come into Music 6000 today to try one out for yourself!

Helpful information on tuning your Uke.

Detailed video explaining restringing of a Uke.

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Store Open  Mon - Fri 11-6
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3738 Pacific Ave SE Olympia WA. 98501